FSC members are fundamental to the organization and its vision. Diverse economic, social and environmental interests share decision-making authority, bringing integrity and resilience to the FSC system.

But membership doesn’t just give you a seat at the decision-making table. Membership allows you to build influential connections, strengthen your networks, and become part of a vibrant international group. 

FSC brings together, among others, private enterprises, NGOs, international organizations, Indigenous groups, and educational institutions, with a shared goal to improve the state of the world’s forests.

2017 General Assembly
FSC member voting in a room with green and red papers

Benefits of Membership

  • Support healthy forests and strong communities
  • Join an international network of individuals, companies and organizations taking action to improve the state of the world’s forests
  • Have a voice on the conservation and responsible use of our forests
  • Participate in FSC's governance by submitting motions and voting at General Assemblies
  • Participate in Annual General Meetings and electing our Board of Directors
  • Are able to run for the FSC Canada or FSC International Board of Directors
  • Participate in the development of FSC certification standards, policies and procedures
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Who can become a member?

FSC membership is open to everyone. We have two types of members:

  • Organizational members (forestry companies, environmental groups, retailers, brands, etc.)
  • Individual members (academics, students, activists etc.)

Application Approval Process

The membership committee will decide whether your application is approved. This will take a minimum of four weeks. If your application is approved, you will have full voting rights immediately.