From 23 - 29 September, companies, NGOs, influencers and people from all over the world came together for FSC Forest Week to educate consumers about the social and environmental benefits of certification, and about FSC's mission of ensuring we have Forests For All Forever. We're encouraged by the positive impact we created, together.

Under the theme “Trust the Tree”, we successfully drove awareness around FSC's work and highlighted the role that forest stewards, like you, have in combating climate change and biodiversity loss by supporting responsible forestry.

A BIG thank you to everyone who took part in the campaign!

FSC Forest Week 2023 Campaign Report.pdf
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Campaign Report

Performance overview:

  • Reached over 50 million consumers

  • Over1,270 organisations, NGOs and brands engaged

  • More than 40 countries represented 

See the Campaign report for more information on the campaign performance

What is happening in 2024?

Save the date, FSC Forest Week 2024 will be taking place September 21-27, 2024. Register here if you would like to take part in the campaign.