Become Certified

Help keep our forests for all, forever

These steps are the same whether you want to become Forest Management or Chain of Custody certified.

1. Contact a Certification Body

Contact one or several third party Certification Bodies who will provide an estimate regarding cost and timeline, The Certification Body will provide you with information about the requirements for FSC certification. 

2. Application & Agreement

Once you decide which Certification Body you would like to work with, fill out an application form and sign an agreement with the Certification Body.

3. Complete an on-site Audit

 Complete an on-site certification audit to assess your company’s qualifications for certification. 

4. Certification Approval

The data collected at the audit is the basis of the audit report based on which the Certification Body makes the certification decision. If the certification decision is positive, you shall receive an FSC certificate. If the audit reveals that your operation is not yet in full compliance with FSC requirements, then you may go for further audits after you have implemented the changes suggested in the certification report

5. Annual Audit

The Certification Body will conduct annual surveillance audits to verify your continued compliance with FSC certification requirements. FSC certificates are valid for five years.

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