FSC Logo Use

Seen on thousands of product labels around the world, the FSC trademarks – most recognizably the famous ‘check-mark and tree’ logo – are a trusted sign of responsible use of the planet’s forest resources.

FSC owns five registered trademarks that you will see on wood and other forest products across the world.

  • The ‘check-mark and tree’ logo
  • The initials ‘FSC’
  • The Forests For All Forever brandmark (with silhouettes)
  • The Forests For All Forever brandmark (without silhouettes)
  • The name ‘Forest Stewardship Council’

I want the label on my document or product

Only FSC-certified companies may place an FSC Label on a certified product, or pass on FSC claims on invoices. To have the FSC Label placed on a product (e.g. printed document, piece of furniture or other finished product), you must:

  • Verify that the company that is supplying the final product is FSC-certified http://info.fsc.org;
  • Ask the supplier to use FSC-certified paper or wood; and
  • Specify that the FSC Label be placed on the product or document.

Certified Companies

Any organization with a valid FSC certificate is, with authorization, allowed to use one or all of these FSC trademarks – identifying that your products have been produced using material from responsible sources or to promote the fact that they are certified. If you already hold FSC certification and want more information about using these trademarks, contact your certification body or learn more here.

Forest management, manufacturing, printing or trading companies

You need to be FSC certified in order to use FSC logos on your products. Learn more about FSC certification here.


Retailers who buy finished, FSC labelled products from and FSC-certified company and sell these on, unchanged, to end users may apply to FSC for a trademark license to enable them to use the FSC trademarks to promote these products in brochures, point of sale materials, in-store, on websites, in press releases. Learn more here.

Media, academia, and other public institutions

If you are a journalist, non-profit or academic institution and want to use the FSC logo in an article, textbook or other educational purposes, you are free to use the FSC trademarks as long as the information is correct. FSC Canada will provide FSC Trademarks upon request and is also available to verify the use of facts, figures and correct use of the trademarks. Please submit requests to: info at ca.fsc point org.

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