FSC Logo Use

The FSC trademarks (FSC ‘check-tree’logo, the ‘FSC’ initials and the name ‘Forest Stewardship Council’) provide a guarantee that the products you buy come from responsible sources. 

The FSC trademarks allow shoppers to choose products that support forest conservation, offer social benefits, and enable the market to provide an incentive for better forest management. 

FSC licenses the Trademarks for use by FSC-certified companies to identify FSC-certified products and to non-certified organizations for promoting FSC-certified products.

Who can use the trademarks?

Certified Companies

The FSC trademarks can be used by FSC-certified companies to promote the fact that they are certified, or to promote FSC-certified products that they manufacture.Click here to learn more.

Non-certified organizations 

The FSC trademarks can be used by non-certified organizations to promote FSC-certified finished and labelled products. Click here to learn more.

Media & Educational Use

Editorial mentions of FSC do not require FSC approval. FSC will provide the logo per request. Click here to learn more.

How to get the FSC label on your product:

Only FSC-certified companies may place an FSC Label on a certified product, or pass on FSC claims on invoices. To have the FSC Label placed on a product (e.g. printed document, piece of furniture or other finished product), you must: 

  • Verify that the company that is supplying the final product is FSC-certified http://info.fsc.org; and 
  • Ask that FSC-certified paper or wood be used and that the FSC Label be placed on the product or document. 
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