New Look. More user-friendly. Up-to-date information that you’ll want to know.

Drum roll please! After months of work, we are excited to share that the new FSC Canada website has launched. 

With special attention paid to FSC’s unique (and incredible) audience - ranging from forest managers to environmental groups, Indigenous Peoples, businesses, communities and more – and the specific information that they need to support FSC’s sustainable approach to forest management.

Whether you are looking for an introduction to FSC, want to learn more about how to get the FSC-certification for your forest or your business, are curious about our labels – what they mean or how to promote with them, or want to keep up-to-date on the projects we are working on to ensure that FSC continues to be a leader in sustainable forest management solutions, our new website has it all.

Our site also efficiently directs and connects consumers, contractors, builders, and developers to FSC certified materials and products located on or

 Check it out for yourself! Head to today.

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