Domtar’s novel approach: smallholder success in North …

Danish Designer travels through FSC Forests in Canada to …

Forests Become Classrooms: 1st FSC-Certified High School

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04.02.2016 · Market News

FSC abandons proposal of mediation involving Resolute Forest Products and asks FSC Board of Directors to take action

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04.02.2016 · Market News

Coming soon to a theatre near you: Cineplex magazines on FSC certified paper

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03.02.2016 · Market News

FSC acknowledges strong stakeholder support during recent Canadian tour

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02.02.2016 · Market News

Domtar’s novel approach: smallholder success in North America

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Technical Updates

05.02.2016 · Technical News

Controlled Wood & Risk Assessments Update

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11.01.2016 · Technical News

Developing an Approach to Safeguard Intact Forest Landscapes and Indigenous Cultural Landscapes in Canada

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18.12.2015 · Technical News

FSC controlled wood standard approved and published

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11.12.2015 · Technical News

Amended Chain of Custody Advice Note – 50 Per Cent Labelling Threshold Extended Until New Chain of Custody Standard Becomes Effective

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