Certification Bodies

FSC certification takes place through independent third-party assessments of applicant companies by FSC Certifiers. All of the FSC Certifiers listed below can conduct FSC Forest Management and/or Chain of Custody certification audits. All certifiers work nationally and have local auditors located across the country. Please refer to the Accreditation Services International (ASI) website for the latest information about Certification Bodies.

BM Trada

Contact: Mario Vieira or Lynda Lawler
Tel: 1-855-517-2439
Email: Mario.vieira@bmtrada.com or Lynda.lawler@bmtrada.com
Website: www.bmtrada.com
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-006
Scope: Chain of Custody

Bureau de normalisation du Quebec (BNQ)

Contact: Anne-Marie Gauthier
Tel: 418-652-2238 x2456
Email: anne-marie.gauthier@bnq.qc.ca
Website:: https://www.bnq.qc.ca
Accreditation Number: ASI-ACC-074
Scope: Chain of Custody

Bureau Veritas

Contact: Johann Knoepffl
Tel: 281-249-4559
Email: johann.knoepffler@us.bureauveritas.com
Website: https://group.bureauveritas.com
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-016
Scope: Chain of Custody

Control Union

Contact: Luut Brink
Tel 604-988-8484
Email: lbrink@controlunion.com
Contact: Val Colden
Tel: 647-206-2590
Email: vcolden@controlunion.com
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-017
Scope: Forest Management & Chain of Custody

KPMG Forest Certification Services

Contact: Craig Roessler
Tel: 604-691-3115
Website: https://home.kpmg.com/ca/en/home.html
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-018
Scope: Forest Management & Chain of Custody

Rainforest Alliance

Chain of Custody certification:
Janice O’Brien, 905-730-8893, jobrien@ra.org

Certification de la chaîne de traçabilité
Anna Luz, 514-516-4649, aluz@ra.org

Forest Management certification
Mylène Raimbault, 819-949-3056, mraimbault@ra.org,

Trademarks & Invoicing:
Mélanie Proulx, 819-360-5750, mproulx@ra.org

Website: https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-001
Scope: Forest Management & Chain of Custody

SAI Global

Contact: Sylvain Frappier
Tel: 819-243-8016
Email: sylvain.frappier@saiglobal.com
Website: https://www.saiglobal.com/assurance/
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-026
Scope: Forest Management & Chain of Custody

SCS Global Services - Canada

Forest Management:
Brendan Grady, (510) 452-8034, bgrady@scsglobalservices.com

Chain of Custody:
Haris Gilani, (604) 351-9990, hgilani@scsglobalservices.com

Label and Logo Approvals:

Website: https://www.scsglobalservices.com/canada
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-002
Scope: Forest Management & Chain of Custody

SGS Canada Inc.

Forest Management Certification
Responsible Forestry Solutions (Acting on behalf of SGS)
Marcelo Levy & Nick Moss Gillespie
647-897-6995/ 647-220-5234

Chain of Custody certification:
Ron Wald, 1-763-280-1184, ronald.wald@sgs.com

Label and Logo Approvals:
201-508-3115, usssc.forestry@sgs.com

Website: http://responsibleforestry.com/
Accreditation number: ASI-ACC-033
Scope: Forest Management & Chain of Custody

Soil Association

Forest Management
Larissa Chambers, +44 1179142435, lchambers@soilassociation.org

Chain of Custody
Ewan Brown, +44 1179142435, ebrown@soilassociation.org

FSC Label and Logo Approvals:

Website: https://www.soilassociation.org/forestry/
Accreditation number: ASI- ACC-004
Scope: Forest Management & Chain of Custody

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