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The paper and publishing industries rely on thriving forests to meet demand; global consumption of paper continues to grow. Although paper can be both biodegradable and easily recyclable, it can also be the product of deforestation or poor forestry practices if not sourced sustainably.


FSC Certified Paper

Through responsible management of forests, and verifying the use of recycled materials, the FSC system can help secure a long-term source of paper. FSC can enable the paper and printing sectors to demonstrate their commitment to responsible forestry. 




Printed materials, including books, magazines and greeting cards, can only carry an FSC label if they are produced and labelled under a valid FSC chain of custody certificate. By using an FSC-certified printer, specifying the FSC-certified paper and requesting an FSC label, you can create and publish FSC-certified products.
Publishers are not required to hold FSC certification in order to have your printed materials carry an FSC label (see above), but they may apply for their own certification and either outsource their printing or print in-house. Holding FSC certification means a publisher is free to use any printer (certified or uncertified) to complete print jobs under an outsourcing policy. Certified publishers can use their own licence number within the FSC label and make FSC claims on their outgoing invoices.

Alternatively, publishers may opt to apply for a promotional licence, allowing them to use the FSC trademarks promotionally (in respect of FSC-labelled products), but not for them to apply the FSC trademarks to products or sales documents.

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Take Action Today

  • Source FSC-certified materials, packaging and labels

    Source FSC-certified materials, packaging and labels - find a supplier now.

  • Share your commitment to sustainability

    Share your commitment to sustainability and FSC-certified materials by labelling your garments and packaging, and include the FSC logo in marketing and advertising efforts. Be sure to educate your staff and partners about your efforts as well.

  • Already sourcing FSC-certified materials?

    Share your commitment with consumers today by promoting with FSC. Learn more about FSC’s promotional license.